With a mother born in Germany, father born in England and brother born in France, I somehow ended up being born in Memphis, Tennessee.  We moved every few years (TN,FL,SC,FL,CO,FL,GA) and finally ended up in Georgia where I went to Walton High School and later graduated with a degree in Consumer Economics from the University of Georgia.


What did I do with that degree - I moved to Los Angeles and booked a commercial campaign dancing inside a big, white, rubber suit.... OF COURSE!  Actually, I did - I was lucky enough to be the Michelin Man in the Michelin Tire commercials which allowed me to purchase my first house and get into real estate flipping.   That's how I learned carpentry, renovation and design, which led to the start of my hosting career on HGTV.  I co-hosted 78 episodes of a build/renovation show called "Hammer Heads" as well as "Designed to Sell" and "HGTV Showdown."  I went on to host travel segments for AOL Travel/Disney and co-hosted a fun, adventure type show "Owner's Manual" on AMC.


When I'm not working, I'm seeking some sort of adventure or geeky build project.  I'm a D licensed skydiver, advanced certified scuba diver, rock climber, mountain biker and I'm patent pending on 4 inventions.


Host - Character Performer - Adventurer